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In APEX we privileged a policy of quality in the services that we provide to our clients, exceeding always their expectactions with efficiency, amiability, rapidity, techonology of vanguard and legal security in all customs operations and of transport.

To advise, to solve requirements and to serve as instrument for International Commerce facilitating the business exchange between Honduras and the rest of the world. We provide creative solutions to specific problems of our clients, oriented to increase its efficiency and competitiveness.

APEX wants to keep going as a Nobel company, positioning themselves in the world-wide market with their extensive network of agents so that every day but companies convinced of the support is united that we personified.

- Custom Agents
- World-wide representations
- Load agents
- Pymes advisers
- Advisers for projects
- Carriers
- Dock workers
- Imports
- Exports

APEX is a company with the necessary infrastructure to offer integral attendance in the area of foreign trade, international and national transport. We are a human team that completes multitude of efforts and works firmly by a common aim: to offer a quality service.

We constituted ourselves as a Nobel company, leader in benefits of excellence with newest technology, fair rates based on technical criteria and the principle gain-to-win with mystic of absolute responsability.

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