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In APEX we privileged a policy of quality in the services that we provide to our clients, exceeding always their expectactions with efficiency, amiability, rapidity, techonology of vanguard and legal security in all customs operations and of transport.

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APEX brings to you a variety of services which fits to any of your international business needs.

Acording to the highest quality standard and always looking for establishing rules in the domestic trades.

GOVERNMENT WAREHOUSES: We work all type of loads in government warehouses. We count as much as we can on handling of important points for international merchandise transit as for the regional distribution as well of the same on the agregate in case of certain tax exemptions. On the other hand we offer extraordinary facilities in terms of infrastructure and fast marine and fluvial connections with all Latin America ports.

FREE ZONE DEPOSITS, ZIP, TOURISM ZONES: Strategically controled to make the internal merchandise transit easier. In these zones its possible to manufacture, to build, to mount, to divide or to group merchandises for its sale or regional distribution or to other countries. Also it is free of taxes. APEX offers legal security at the moment of the application of norms for international treaties as well as for all type of operations carried out by the companies of this heading.

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